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Meteora Monasteries Day Trip

Visit of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Floating Monasteries of Meteora”.

Meteora Monasteries Day Trip

The word “Meteora” comes from the Greek word “meteorizo”, which means “to lift up”. This name describes the impressive location of the mysterious monasteries which were built on huge sandstone rocks and in hazy air look as if they were floating. There are twenty-four individual monasteries in Meteora. Only six of them are still inhabited today. Eighteen of them are empty, either because they are too difficult to reach or because they are in danger of collapsing.

Our day trip to the Meteora Monasteries starts in Thessaloniki.

Prices per person including transfer from Thessaloniki (without entry to the monasteries – approx. 3 EUR per person per monastery):

  • 16-50 pers. on request
  • 7-15 pers. 146,00 €
  • 4-6 pers. 127,00 €
  • 2-3 pers. 179,00 €

Less or more persons on request.

Dates according to customer request and availability.

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