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Greek Islands

Sailing and Yoga in Greece

A yoga retreat combined with a sailing vacation is more than just a vacation. Individually experience the magical Greek islands from the […]

Regions: Island Kos
Durations: 8 Days

2023 Sailing in Greece with a luxury catamaran

From 975,00 €/ per person Experience your luxury sailing vacation in Greece with us, individually. 8 wonderful regions 14 recommended routes 62 […]

Regions: Greek Islands
Durations: 8 Days

Easter in Greece

Greek Easter on the island of Chios. Experience the Resurrection – the most important religious festival in Greece. In spring in Greece […]

Regions: Greek Islands, N.W. Aegean islands, Island Chios
Durations: 10 Days

Hiking on the island of Kythira

Transformation from a pirate base to a hiking paradise – the Greek island of Kythira – one of the birthplaces of Aphrodite, […]

Regions: Greek Islands, S. Aegean islands, Island Kythira
Durations: 8 Days

Sailing at the Northern Sporades/ From island Skiathos

From island to island – eight days sailing at the Northern Sporades. A diverse sailing area especially for adventurers. Discover with us […]

Regions: Greek Islands, Northern Sporades, Island Skiathos, Island Skopelos, Island Alonissos
Durations: 8 Days

Sailing in Greece at the Dodecanese Islands

The Greek archipelago of Dodecanese is located in the eastern Aegean Sea. There are about 150 islands and “islets” of which only […]

Regions: Greek Islands, Eastern Aegean islands, Island Kos, Island Rhodos, Island Samos
Durations: 8 Days

Hiking on the island of Thassos

Hiking between snow-white marble and deep blue sea. A dreamy jewel – Thassos. Hiking on the island of Thassos: Beautiful coastal hikes […]

Regions: Greek Islands, N. Aegean Islands, Island Thassos
Durations: 8 Days